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Subaru is well known for its All Wheel Drive and boxer engines. When you live in areas that get hit with heavy snow in the winter, it can be hard to find a car that fits your needs. Luckily Subaru gives every model in its line up standard All Wheel Drive. The Subaru all wheel drive system has become legendary and is in most cases better then a normal 50/50 4x4 system.

Subaru offers only a few models but each model is very well placed in price and features. Drivers looking for a performance car they can drive all year look no further then the Impreza WRX. Its performance turbo engine, all wheel drive, and manual transmission make it a fast and great handling car. Other models such as the forester offer utility at an excellent price point. Those that need a refined sedan can turn to the bigger Legacy AWD to carry the whole family.

Here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts, we stock a wide selection of quality new and used Subaru parts. Every single one of our OEM quality parts comes with a standard 6 month guarantee. Finding used Subaru parts can be very difficult but here at Tom’s, we’ve got you covered. Shop our online store for great deals on late model Impreza, Justy, Legacy, WRX, Forester, and Baja parts. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it.