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Mitsubishi is one of Japans first and largest auto makers. Modern day Mitsubishi cars consist of affordable compacts, family cars, sporty cars and SUV’s. Mitsubishi has found great success in the import tuner crowd of enthusiasts. The popularity of the Eclipse skyrocketed after the release of the first Fast and Furious movie. Mitsubishi took its enthusiasts one step further with the Lancer Evolution offering an AWD car with a very powerful turbo 4cyl engine. The EVO became the car to have if you were in the sport compact market and competed directly with the Subaru STI. Like many other auto manufacturers, Mitsubishi has decided to focus on a smaller number of production models. Offering just 5 models; the Lancer, Galant, Eclipse, Outlander and Endeavor. Covering each market segment with just 5 models allows them to concentrate their efforts on each model vs having 15 different car models. We part out hundreds of Mitsubishi cars each year and stock a wide selection of Used Mitsubishi parts for many different models. We offer a no hassle Money Back Guarantee on everything we sell. Locating used auto parts online can feel impossible but with our state of the art website, we’ve taken the hassle out of buying used. Search our online parts store for great deals on Mitsubishi parts and if you can’t find it online, just give us a call! We’re here to get you the parts you need!