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Seat Belts

Maybe the oldest and most important part of safety in modern automobiles is the seat belt. Seat belts hold you in the seat and in the car during impact from any direction. Cars today are held to high safety standards and are engineered to keep the driver and the passenger’s safe at all times. That means that the whole cars safety system relies on you being held into the seat during a crash. Seat belts use a small explosive charge like and air bag does to lock the seat belt in place so that you don’t get thrown from your seat. We sell and ship thousands of used auto parts every year and stock a large selection of good used seat belt assemblies. We are hazmat certified shippers which means that we can properly ship and package seat belts that are classified hazmat by the DOT due to the explosive charge in them. Our safe and secure website will get you the right parts you need while our skilled shipping staff will make sure they get shipped to you in the safest way possible.

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