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Today’s car radios have become more and more advanced as technology progresses. 8 tracks, Tapes, and even CD’s are becoming a thing of the past thanks to iPods and flash drives. The car stereo can now bring you satellite radio, weather alerts, and song information for FM stations. Some cars use full color touch screens to control the radio, navigation and reverse camera. We rely on our car radios every day to make driving just a little more interesting and keep us awake on those long late night drives. Replacing your car radio can be a pretty easy task in most cars but one thing people often forget about is the radio code. Most stock radios use radio codes for security so that if the radio was to be stolen, the thief wouldn’t be able to use it without the proper radio code. Unfortunately that makes replacing it slightly more difficult because the only way to get that radio code is from the dealership. We sell quality replacement radios but it’s important to call the dealership before buying to find out if you need the radio code as well as if there’s a charge for them to provide you with the code. Knowing ahead of time can help you make a better decision when you decide to replace that OEM radio with another stock radio. Stop driving in silence! Replace that radio today with a great quality used part from Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts!

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