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350Z Parts

Nissans 350Z is a two seat sports car produced 2002 – 2009, being marketed as a 2003. This is the 5th generation of Z model Nissan cars. The 350Z was made as a roadster and a coupe models. The 350Z roadster being sold in 2004 – 2009 and had many trim levels being, base, Enthusiast, Performance, touring, and track versions. The 350Z came with a 3.5L 287 – 306 horsepower motor depending on what year you bought. The later year 350Z had the lower horsepower engines. The 350Z was also sold with a 5 Speed automatic and a 6 Speed manual transmission. Toms offers low prices and great quality used auto parts for your car needs. Please check out our website for your 350Z parts needs.

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