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Ignition Switch

The ignition switch activates the starter in your car and much of the cars main electrical system. The ignition switch also activates the accessories in the car like the radio or navigation system. Most ignition switches require a key to be inserted in order for them to turn. More recent cars are slowly starting to adapt push button starts that don’t require a key in the ignition. The ignition switch gets used every time you start your car and can be prone to failure. Also when a car is stolen, it’s common for a thief to break the ignition system in order to start the car without a key. When replacing your ignition switch there’s a good chance you’ll need to get the key reprogrammed to the car. Just about every car sold today has some type of immobilizer built into the key so in order to start the car, your key will need to be programmed to the immobilizer. Buying a new OEM ignition switch can expensive and inconvenient for many. Ordering parts online is getting easier and easier and buying used parts online makes even more sense. Search today for great deals on quality used ignition switches!

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