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328i Parts

BMW started production of the 328i in 1996 when they upgraded the engine in the 325i to a 2.8L. The 328i continued to build on the 3 series brand with more power this time around. The 328i carried the sought after BMW styling along with impressive hp numbers. This gave buyers a cheaper option before stepping up to a fully fledged M series car. In 1998 the E46 was released as the new and improved 3 series chassis. The 328i continued on until the 2000 model year when it was replaced with a 3.0L 330i. The E90 generation brought back the 328i and xi models in 2005 powered by a naturally aspirated inline 6 cylinder.

All years and models of BMW’s 328i have been very successful. It’s usually been placed at the upper end of the 3 series line up and provides a solid reliable luxury car at an affordable price. As we all know, BMW means class and prestige but unfortunately it comes at a much higher cost. Repairing a 328i can prove to be expensive and finding correct OEM parts can feel like an impossible task. Luckily parts yards like us are still in business providing you with a large selection of quality used OEM 328i parts. Each 328i part we sell is guaranteed for a minimum of 6 months so buy with confidence! Fix your BMW 328i with a part you can trust from a name you can trust, Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts.