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325i Parts

Used BMW 325i Parts

In 1985 BMW added the 325i to its 3 series line up with a smaller more powerful engine. BMW decided to go for higher hp numbers in the 325i and its 2.5L engine didn’t disappoint. With 168 hp on tap in the 325i along with a raised rev limiter t¬o 6500 rpm, BMW enthusiasts got the small sporty car they were waiting for. An upgrade to the standard 325i model came later on in the form of the 325is. This 3 series model featured “is” styled body trim, upgraded BBS wheels, a close ratio transmission, and power interior options. The 325is model also featured optional parts like a Limited slip differential, bigger and nicer 15” BBS wheels, and M-Sport options. In 1986 BMW debuted it’s 325ix all wheel drive model for those that needed the extra grip.

During the E36 generation of 325i’s, BMW replaced the 2.5L engine with a bigger 2.8L engine which became what we know today as the 328i. The 325i, 325is, and 325xi make great every day cars and can now be bought used at very reasonable places. Unfortunately with BMW comes large; expensive repair bills making it sometimes hard to own one. At Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts we make it a point to offer great deals on hard to find BMW 325i parts. Buying used BMW 325i parts can save you a ton of money on repairs. We offer a large selection of used 325i parts like the ECU Computer, alternator, throttle body, doors, and more! Be sure to shop our online parts store the next time you need a something for your aging 325i.

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