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325e Parts

BMW 325e Used Parts

The 325e was an E30 model of BMW 3 series that was sold from 1982 all the way up to 1991. The 3 series always did a great job of being the best performer in its class and the 325e was no exception. The 6 cyl engine in the 325e produced 121hp and a massive 172 lb-ft or torque. For its time the 325e had a great power to cost ratio and offered the BMW build quality that so many desired. While many other more powerful models came out, the 325e remained a great option and may possibly be one of the most popular of the E30’s. Throughout the 80’s the styling of the E30 line of BMW’s became iconic and even to this day we still see this generation of BMW’s cruising down the street.

Keeping a car like the 325e on the road these days is becoming harder and harder to do. Many aftermarket companies drop support for older cars and dealerships definitely don’t keep parts around for the old 325e models. A great way to keep your classic BMW 325e on the road is to use OEM used parts from a trusted salvage yard like Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts. We only inventory 325e parts cars that are handpicked by our experienced buyers to make sure the parts we pull and stock are the highest quality available. Using an OEM part to fix your older BMW is a no brainer and shopping with Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts will ensure that you get a great 325e part at an excellent price.

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