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S6 Parts

The S6 is a full size performance sedan that packs a serious punch. This car competes in a league of its own when it comes to refinement and overall package. The S6 was first introduced in 1994 as Audi was putting a lot of effort into restructuring its model lineup. First powered by a 5cyl turbo engine, late model S6’s carry Audi’s 5.2L V10 engine with over 400hp. Combined with the world famous Quattro All Wheel drive and a 6 speed tiptronic automatic, the V10 2006+ model skyrockets down the ¼ mile in 13.5 seconds proven that even a full size family car can still be fun to drive. This combination of big power, AWD, and Luxury make it a very desirable car for those that can afford it.

Here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts, we part out hundreds of Audi’s each year and sell the parts online. This include many parts that interchange with the Audi S6 like the alternator, wiper motor, throttle body, AC Compressor and more. Buying parts for these performance oriented sedans can be very expensive to the point where buying a new OEM parts is almost out of the question. Select your Audi S6 year above to get started on our site. We’ll save you serious money on your next Audi S6 repair bill and still provide you with a quality OEM original part.

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