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The Alternator is a belt driven accessory mounted on the front of your engine. It uses electromagnetism to create power that is channeled into your car battery and used to power the accessories in your car. It’s very common for an alternator to fail and leave you stranded. Since your Alternator charges the battery, a faulty alternator could leave your battery under charged. When this happens, you won’t have enough amperage to start your car after it’s been parked. If you alternator fails to output any electricity you may be able to start and drive the car for a short period of time until the battery loses a charge. Once the battery is dead you’ll notice your lights and electronics begin to dim until the car finally shuts off.

It’s important to get your Alternator problem properly diagnosed. It’s one of the most common problems that’s miss diagnosed. Battery trouble can look like Alternator trouble and Alternator trouble can look like Battery trouble. Getting your car properly diagnosed can save you from a costly repair bill in the future. We have a large selection of Quality Used Alternators. We guarantee every Alternator we sell for a minimum of 6 Months. Don’t let your Alternator troubles leave you stranded!

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