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RL Parts

In 1996 Acura introduced the RL as a renamed and redesigned Acura Legend. The Acura RL is Acura’s flagship car in North America. Acura dropped the Legend model name because they realized buyers referred to the cars by Legend instead of Acura’s. Acura wanted people to refer to the car as an “Acura RL” instead of just Legend. They succeeded with naming the RL and got people to recognize Acura as a Luxury car brand. The RL has been through a few generations since its inception but since then it’s stayed true to its Luxury car status. Search our store for hard to find Used Acura RL parts. We stock a wide selection of used RL parts for all model years.

With the added power of the new Acura RL Engine, many tuners have taken on the project of swapping the 3.5L RL engine into the older Acura Legend’s. Making the engine relatively sought after for people wanting to upgrade their early model Acura. The older 3.5L V6 RL engine makes over 225hp and delivers it smoothly through the power band making it a great option for an engine swap. We stock a large selection of Acura RL parts including engines, alternators, AC Compressors, ECU’s and more. We part out thousands of foreign cars each year and sell the used car parts online. For a great deal and a large selection of used Acura RL parts l0ook no further than Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts.

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