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RDX Parts

The Acura RDX began production in 2006 as Acura’s first compact crossover SUV. The RDX is an entry level luxury crossover with AWD and a 2.3L Turbo 4cyl i-VTEC engine. The RDX comes standard with leather seating and full power options. Fuel economy on the RDX is average at 17mpg city and 22mpg highway. Comfort is something Acura is known for and the RDX is no exception. Its comfortable ride and upscale interior make it a great entry level Acura and with a paddle shift automatic transmission it can even feel sporty at times. We carry a large selection of used OEM Acura parts, all of our MDX parts are covered by our standard money back guarantee. Look no further then Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts for your used Acura part needs.

The Acura RDX is an expensive late model SUV that can be really hard to find parts for. Since the RDX is a newer model car, most of them that are on the road today are still covered by a factory warranty. For those that aren’t covered by a warranty, finding used parts on such a late model Acura RDX can be really difficult. We part out hundreds of Acura’s each year and sell the parts online, including parts for the RDX. Every time you shop with us you know your getting a great used foreign auto part at a price you can afford. If you need something for your RDX and can’t find it on our site, just contact us and we’ll do what we can to locate it!

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