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Legend Parts

The Legend was a unique Acura luxury car sold from 1986 to 1995. The Legend came in Coupe and Sedan models. The 2nd generation Legend is still popular to this day with styling that never seems old or dated. The coupe was a fun and sporty 6 cylinder car that came with an optional 6 speed manual transmission. Legend parts were never easy to come by due to their limited production run. People that still have Legends on the road absolutely love them but often times have a hard time finding parts for them. Tom’s Foreign is the place to get Quality used OEM Legend parts at great prices!

People that still own Acura Legends love them for their luxury interior and powerful engine. The 2 Door 6 speed manual transmission Acura Legend is still a pretty sought after car for die hard import fans. It offered great styling, sportiness, and the reliability Acura is known for. Unfortunately the Legend is very hard to find parts for because of its limited production, especially in the 2 door models. The Legends styling still looks good to this day among other newer cars making the Acura Legend a great car to fix and keep running. Look no further for those hard to find Acura Legend parts because here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts, we’ve got you covered!

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