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EL Parts

Introduced in 1996, the Acura EL was a rebadged Honda Civic sold exclusively in the Canadian market. The Acura EL was a entry level compact luxury car. The Acura EL was offered with luxury options that you would expect from an Acura. Sun roof, leather seats, spoiler and alloy wheels were all standard on premium models. The EL gave buyers and affordable luxury sedan. Check out our online inventory of used late model Acura parts. We dismantle hundreds of Acura’s each year and have a great selection of Acura EL parts.

The Acura EL was replaced with the Acura CSX in 2006 which was also a rebadged updated Honda Civic. The Acura EL was a unique car because it was a small compact car that was affordable and sold by a luxury car manufacturer. The EL gave buyers a great entry level Acura without the high price tag of the bigger more expensive models. While we don’t part out Canadian market cars, we do part out a lot of USDM Honda Civics that share many parts with the Acura EL. When you’re searching for used Acura parts, Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts should be your first stop. We offer industry leading guarantee’s, excellent service and quality used Acura EL parts.

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