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AC Compressor

A cars AC system works very close to the same way any other Air Conditioning system would. The AC system is filled with Freon gas which gets compressed by the AC Compressor. Pressurizing the Freon heats it up. After being compressed by the AC Compressor, this pressurized gas is then circulated through the AC system. As the Freon passes through metal AC lines and the AC Condenser, much of its heat and pressure is lost. Reducing the pressure of Freon makes it get very cold as it becomes a liquid. This cold liquid is sprayed into the evaporator under the dashboard. The Vehicles fan forces interior air over the evaporator to cool it and send it up to the vents in your dash.

The AC Compressor is at the heart of your Automotive AC system. It’s run by an accessory belt on the front of your engine. When not in use, the AC pulley spins freely on the clutch assembly. When the AC system is turned on, the magnetic AC Clutch engages the pulley and spins the AC Compressor. Having a good working AC Compressor will keep you cool on those hot summer days. Shop our online parts store for great deals on Used AC compressors. Buying a used compressor from Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts can save you hundreds of dollars over dealer cost.

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