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ABS Pump

ABS Pumps are a crucial part of a modern day vehicles safety gear. In the last 10 years or so, car manufacturers have been working around the clock to perfect and advance their safety systems. The first place to make improvements has always been in the brake system. The ABS Brake system is designed to keep the wheels of the car from locking up and creating a skid. When a car’s tires are locked up and skidding, ability to control the vehicle is greatly decreased.

The ABS Module controls valves in the brake system to release pressure and keep the designated tire from locking. The job of the ABS pump is to rapidly increase the pressure in the lines when needed. This rapid increase and decrease of pressure in the brake system creates a pulsing effect on the brake pedal. A bad or leaky ABS Pump can keep your ABS system from working properly. We stock a large selection of quality replacement ABS Pumps and Modules. Search our online parts store for a large selection of Used ABS Pumps.

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