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Turbos and Superchargers

Turbocharged cars create good efficient horse power and make an otherwise small engine feel like a much bigger more powerful engine. A turbo compresses re circulated air from the exhaust, pushes it through an intercooler and then back into the engines intake manifold. This charge of air increases the engines horsepower depending on how much air the turbo is able to deliver to the intake. Turbos come in different sizes, brands and models depending on the application. Some cars require more boost then others do making the turbo charger completely different inside to match what the horsepower goals of the car are. Many tuners like to use a turbo to increase power on their high performance race engines as well as their high powered street cars. If your car came from the factory with a turbo then there’s a good possibility that you may need to replace it at some point. An oil problem or leak can greatly affect the turbo because it uses the same engine oil as your car does to lubricate itself. Failing to use the correct engine oil or failure to change the oil at regular intervals can decrease the life of an OEM turbo. A turbo car will not run without the turbo charger so getting a good quality replacement is very import when you have a problem. Shop our site now for a great deal on a genuine OEM used Turbo that fits your needs. We sell hundreds of used turbo chargers every year and carry an industry leading money back guarantee!

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