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The transmission in your car is a crucial part of your drive train. The transmission connects to the back of the engine, a torque convertor or clutch assembly sits between the engine and transmission and transfers the power from the crank shaft to the gears inside the transmission. A transmission control module decides when the transmission shifts working in conjunction with sensors on and inside the transmission as well as the ECU of the car. Transmissions continue to evolve and get tweaked to handle more horse power while also complimenting the fuel efficiency of the car. It’s very important to check your transmission fluid regularly and have it serviced at the recommended service intervals. Without a properly functioning transmission your car is all but useless and it can leave you stranded when you least expect it. We part out thousands of recycled vehicles each year and offer a larger selection of used transmissions at discounted prices. Buying a new OEM transmission can cost thousands of dollars more than buying a quality replacement transmission from us. Save yourself time and money on your next transmission; Shop Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts today!

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