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Sunroof Assemblies

One convenience we as drivers are starting to get use to is having a sunroof in our cars. As production gets faster and cheaper, options like a power moon roof are becoming more and more common. Sun roofs slide, tilt, open, and even come off the car in some cases. Having glass on the roof gives the car a more open feeling like a skylight would in a house. The sun roof assembly uses a sunroof motor to slide the glass back and forth. Often the tracks of the sunroof can get damaged or small gears and wires along the tracks can become damaged leaving you with a sunroof that doesn’t work correctly. We sell complete sunroof assemblies so that replacing the glass or tracks can be hassle free. Most of our assemblies do not include the sunroof motor but they do come with the glass and tracks that can be bolted right back into the car. It’s a great time savings to buy an assembly VS trying to diagnose and buy parts for your old assembly. Shop our website for great deals on used OEM sunroof glass and tracks assemblies; if you can’t find it online just ask us! We’re here to help you get that exact used part you need!

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