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Steering Rack

The steering rack plays a large role in your cars steering system. The rack uses gears to turn rotational motion into linear motion every time you move the steering wheel. When the racks round gear spins on its pinion gear, it moves the rack side to side and since the rack is bolted to you’re front suspension this in turn moves the wheels left and right. At each end of the steering rack is tie rod ends which have bushings on them with a stud in the middle. The stud of the tie rod end bolts to the cars spindle and connects the steering rack to the front suspension in order to move the wheels. Some vehicles use a steering box instead; mostly trucks and older cars use a box style of steering gear. The internals of a steering box are different then a regular rack and pinion but the function of turning rotational motion into linear motion is still the same. We sell many good used steering racks and steering gears each year. Buying a used rack and pinion can save you a ton of money over a new one, and remember buying used is the eco friendly thing to do. Shop our easy to use website for great deals on many different hard to find used foreign auto parts.

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