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Before you set out in your car each day it needs to start. The heart or your starting system is at the starter itself, without that you’d have to get out and manually crank the engine over every morning like they use to do in the 1900’s. The starter bolts to the bell housing between the engine and transmission and uses teeth to turn the flywheel or flex plate which in turn spins the motor. When you turn the key in your ignition switch, a solenoid on the starter engages the starter so that is can begin cranking your engine. Starting problems are often the most miss diagnosed problems with cars these days. While the starter is the heart of the system, the battery also plays a large role in starting the car and often goes bad before the starter does. A bad starter can leave you stranded in a parking lot when you least expect it. Don’t let those broken car blues get you down, call Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts today and get a quality used part at price you can afford.

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