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Speedometer Cluster

A cars speedometer connects you with what’s going on with the rest of your vehicle. Today it’s more than just knowing how fast you’re going, you need to know things like your RPM, check engine light, engine temp, and MPG. The Speedometer is taking the place of info screens by showing other things like time, direction, MPG till empty and some even let you control options like traction control. Speedometers can go bad in a few different ways but no matter how it’s broken it can be really annoying. Not being able to see your speed or warning lights can be a real problem for you and your car. A malfunctioning tachometer on a manual car can be an even bigger nuisance because we rely so much on the tach when shifting gears. We part out thousands of cars each year and stock a wide selection of good used foreign auto parts including a large selection of Speedometers. Our parts carry an industry leading money back guarantee so you can buy a used speedometer cluster from us with confidence that you’ll get a great working part.

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