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Front car seats get used and abused year in and year out. They are an easy surface to stain or rip. Kids and animals can be brutal on your interior. Not only is the surface of the seat incredibly easy to damage but the mechanisms that work the seats can also fail. The seat tracks, seat switches, and power seat motors can all go bad. In almost all cases it’s easier to replace the entire seat assembly instead of trying to take apart the original broken one. Parts and labor to repair a broken or ripped front seat can get expensive if you do it piece by piece.

Aside from replacing a broken or damaged seat, many car owners like to upgrade their cars and upgrading the seats can make a huge difference. If your car came with clothe or manual seats then swapping them out for leather power seats from the same model can be a great option. Many cars are pre wired for power seats so swapping them usually isn’t very hard to do. We sell our seats as a front set or 2 seats. We carry a large selection of used seats for various models and colors. Search our store for a set of seats that will work for your car, it’s a great way to spruce up your car’s interior.

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