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Your cars Radiator is an essential part of your engines well being. The Radiator is responsible for keeping your engine cool under normal operating conditions. Anti-freeze runs through the engine block and then into the radiator which in turn cools the anti-freeze before it circulates back into the engine. A car engine runs at extreme temperatures during normal driving conditions so keeping it cool is a necessity. Air pushes through the radiator as you drive to cool the fluid that’s circulating through it. If your radiator leaks or gets clogged it can destroy your engine within minutes which means replacing a radiator at the first sign of a problem is very important. We sell quality used OEM radiators at a huge cost savings vs. new. We offer an industry leading 6 Month Money Back Guarantee on every used radiator we sell. Don’t let that leaky radiator cause you even more headache, replace it today with a quality part from Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts.


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