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Radiator Fan Assembly

Your cars cooling system is essential to keeping your engine running strong. As fluid flows through your radiator to cool, air gets pushed through the radiator in order to keep it cool. Air is naturally pushed through the radiator as you drive down the road but when you stop or come to a slower speed, the amount of air being pushed through the radiator becomes insufficient. To solve the low speed air issue the radiator fan turns on to push air through the radiator. A temperature sensor monitors the engines temperature as your drive and turns the fan on and off according to the engines temp. A failing electric radiator fan motor can lead to overheating at low speeds or stop lights and an overheating engine is not a happy engine. To keep your engine running cool and efficient it’s very important to replace the radiator fan and blades at the first sign of a problem. We sell a large selection of quality used radiator fan assemblies. When your fan assembly is broken; look no further than Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts for a quality replacement car part.

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