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Power Steering Pump

We often take our power steering for granted and forget that not too long ago manual steering was the only option. Vehicles with manual steering are very hard to turn at a low speed and usually require a lot of extra effort vs. a power steering system. Today every car has power steering with some even having adaptive steering to keep the feel of the steering wheel consistent at varying speeds and conditions. Your power steering system uses hydraulic fluid to greatly decrease the amount of steering effort needed. At the heart of this system is the Power Steering Pump which is used to create the hydraulic pressure used in your cars steering system. A leaking power steering pump not only effects your steering, it also affects the components around it. The hydraulic fluid used in the steering system can get messy when it leaks and it can even eat through the hoses and electrical wires of other engine components. It’s important to replace the power steering pump at the first sign of a problem before it becomes a bigger problem. We sell a large selection of quality used power steering pumps for many different late model foreign cars. When you need a replacement steering pump; Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts it the place to shop!


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