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Park and Signal Lights

In our inventory system we group the front lamps of a vehicle together and headlights separate. That means that fog lights, signal lights and marker lights all fall into one category. The front lights of a car get road rash pretty easily. When you drive, the debris on the road that kicks up and hits the front of your car creates scratches and pits on the lights. This can make the light assemblies look cloudy and not as bright. Fog lights get the worst of it being that they are the lowest lights on the car. Fog lights can also get cracked easily from rocks and other objects that get kicked up by the car in front of you.

Buying a replacement signal light or park light can be easy if you know what to look for. Most cars have their signal and park lamps mounted to the bumper or to the fender. When buying a used light, you’ll get asked if it’s a bumper mounted light or a fender mounted light. Fender mounted lights are usually the lights that sit next to the headlight. Bumper mounted lights are lower and attached directly to the bumper. We part out thousands of cars each year which gives us a large selection of used signal lights, park lights, and fog lights. Search for the best deals on used auto parts for your late model foreign car!

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