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Oil Pan

The most important and vital fluid in your cars engine is the engine oil. Your engine needs oil in order to run properly so making sure nothing leaks is critical to your engines well being. The oil flows through the engine while it runs but when it’s off all the oil drips down into the oil pan located at the bottom of the engine block. The pan is made out of metal and uses an oil pan gasket to seal it to the block. A cracked or leaking oil pan can be the end of your engines life if the oil runs low while you drive. Another common oil pan problem can be a stripped drain plug during an oil change. The engine oil is drained through a hole in the oil pan, when the drain plug is replaced it can often get dirt and debris on it that can strip the threads on the oil pan. Don’t wait to replace your oil pan just because the leak is slow, that slow leak can become a huge problem in a very short amount of time. We offer a wide selection of used oil pans at discounted prices. New OEM parts are expensive and aftermarket parts don’t always have the same quality as OEM. We’re the inexpensive alternative to buying a new part; shop Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts today for a quality replacement oil pan that fits your car.

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