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Axxess Parts

Nissan Axxess was also known as a Nissan Prairie. It was made 1988 – 2004 With a few name changes throughout the years. The Axxess was only offered in the U.S. in 1990 and in Canada 1990 – 1995. The second generation that was offered in the U.S. came with an optional all wheel drive, drive train because of the 2.0L engine. Nissan Axxess came with a 2.4L or 2.0L engine and a 4 speed auto transmission and a 5 speed manual transmission. From 1998 – 2004 yet another name change turned it into the Nissan Liberty which was only offered in Japan. The Nissan Liberty came with a 2.0L engine and a 4 speed automatic CVT transmission. Please search above for your hard to find parts. Toms foreign carries all different types of parts for foreign cars.

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