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Mercury was founded in 1938 by Edsel Ford. The goal was to offer entry level luxury cars, cars that were above the Ford models but not quite a Lincoln. During the 90’s, most of Mercury’s line up was rebadged ford models that didn’t live up to expectations. In the mid-2000’s, Ford made an effort to revitalize the Mercury brand but had little success. After economic troubles in 2009 and failing sales, Ford revamped its entire company and in 2011 they decided to close the doors on Mercury to focus on the Ford brand. While the success of Mercury was limited over the last few decades, they still produced some popular cars. The Sable was a midsized affordable family car that was a mirror of the Ford Taurus and sold reasonably well.

While our primary business is foreign auto parts, we still get parts in for Mercury’s. The Mercury Villager shares the same platform as a Nissan Quest which is a popular 90’s minivan. Search our store for hard to find Mercury parts for your late model car. Tom’s Foreign Auto is your one stop shop for high quality used parts. Every part we sell comes with a standard 6 Month Money Back Guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

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