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Mass Air Flow Sensor

The Mass Air Flow sensor is an important part of every current fuel injected engine. As you drive in different elevations and temperatures, the air around you and in your engine bay changes and varies in density. The ECU needs to know what’s going on so it can keep the right amount of fuel going to each cylinder. The Mass Air Flow Sensor works along with the air temperature sensor and the oxygen sensor to help the ECU determine what the correct air/fuel ratio should be. A dirty, clogged or bad mass air flow sensor can throw off the ECU and rob you of HP, fuel and even reliability. Mass Air Flow Sensor cleaners are available to keep your electrical sensors clean and functioning properly so routine maintenance on the air flow sensor isn’t a bad idea. When your air flow sensor fails, it’s important to replace it right away so that your engine continues to run in excellent condition. We stock a wide selection of quality used Mass Air Flow Sensors for a wide range of late model foreign cars. Search out website today to find a used replacement air flow sensor that fits your needs!

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