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Lower Control Arms

Most modern day cars use independent suspension in the front end. Independent suspension gives great ride comfort and good adjustable handling characteristics. The front control arm sits at the bottom of the suspension. This A arm or wishbone attaches to the car frame at two points at one end. Both attachment points use a pressed in bushing. On the other end is a single ball joint that the spindle pivots on. The front control arm is an essential part of the front suspension. If the control arms get bent or the bushing go bad it could severely impact ride quality and handling. Often replacing the control arms is easier and cheaper than trying to press new bushings into them.

We carry a large selection of used front lower control arms. We inspect each one of our control arms before sending it to make sure you’ll get a high quality used part that will fix your vehicle. Buying new can cost you a ton of money but buying a used recycled auto part can save you hundreds on your repair bill. Shop Tom’s for a Front Lower Control arm that fits your late model foreign car. We have hundreds of a-arms in stock and ready to go!

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