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Passport Parts

The Honda Passport was an Isuzu built SUV that was the outcome of a partnership between the two companies during the 90’s. Isuzu branded the same SUV as an Isuzu Rodeo. The Passport was a a pretty standard SUV produced from 1994 – 2002. While being a nice SUV, it was slightly behind the times and unfortunately not very exciting. Sold during a time where SUV and crossover sales were booming, the Honda Passport lacked some of the fancy new innovations that other cars had. In 2002 Honda pulled the plug on the Passport in favor of a more appealing Honda Pilot. Many Honda Passports remain on the road today but finding OEM parts to repaid them has been proven to be difficult.

At Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts we have a large selection of Honda Passport parts to fill your OEM needs. We sell Used Passport parts at great prices with our full online catalog of used parts. Not only do we offer great pricing, we also offer Passport parts that can’t be found anywhere else. Parts like a Honda Passport Computer, engine, wheels, coil packs and even the complete engine. We also have a large offering of Passport Doors, fenders, hoods and more! We’re your one stop shop for quality used Honda Passport parts. To get started just select your model year above and enjoy the savings!

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