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CRX Parts

Honda’s CRX is a perfect example of a car that almost revolutionized a brand name. The CRX had a very short production run from 1983 – 1991 but still to this day it remains in high demand for those die hard Honda drivers. The CRX was a fun little car that came packed with one of Honda’s super reliable 4cyl engines. While the engines on paper didn’t put out big HP numbers, the power to weight ratio was pretty good. What makes the CRX desirable to this day is the massive aftermarket support and the ability to interchange different engines into it. With little effort, Honda tuners can put powerful turbo engines into a small good handling compact car.

At Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts we stock a large selection of quality used Honda parts including parts for the Honda CRX. Using genuine OEM parts on your CRX can keep it looking and running better than ever. Shop our online part store when you need something like a CRX wheel, CRX Alternator, CRX ECU Computer, or even a complete CRX engine. Our history providing value to our customers is what makes us much different than other Used CRX part suppliers. Select your year above to start shipping for CRX parts, you won’t be disappointed!

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