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Headlights assemblies come in all shapes and sizes. The Design of the headlight plays a major role in the front end of your car. Auto manufacturers put a lot of time and money into making attractive cars that appeal to the masses. The nose of a car is one of the first things we look at as car buyers and as such it’s important for it to be attractive. Headlights have really progressed over the years. Their no longer just square sealed beam bulbs screwed to a square housing. Late model Headlights are bright and designed with safety in mind. Headlights are no long just halogen either; just about all new cars have a HID or High Intensity Discharge option. These HID lights replace standard halogen bulbs with super bright HID bulbs.

Not only are the headlight assemblies brighter, their also more intricate. Many late model foreign cars have automatic aiming lights that can move left and right as your turn your steering wheel. These systems are complex and require extra sensors in the car, a control module, and a motor inside the headlight assembly. As modern day headlights get more involved, their price tag seems to go up. Replacing a broken headlight assembly on a car can get extremely expensive. While there’s a lot of aftermarket alternatives, their quality isn’t always as good as OEM. You can save big time on a repair bill by selecting a quality Used Headlight from us. Search our online parts catalog for great deals on used OEM Head lights!

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