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Ford is one of America’s largest and oldest car manufacturers. Founded by Henry Ford in the early 1900’s, Ford introduced ways to assemble automobiles in large scale with assembly lines and methods of managing a work force. As cars continued to become common place in America, for continued to innovate and pave the way for other auto manufacturers. Since day one most of the Ford car lineup has been aimed at the working class America. Affordable well built cars for the average middle class family. This rings true to this day as Ford is one of the oldest and largest family controlled companies in the world.

Aside from making affordable family cars, Ford’s history includes a long line of racing endeavors. Ford remains a top contender in NASCAR and has been since the inception of the sport. Ford also put a lot of time and money into formula one between 1967 and 2004, providing engines for many of the top F1 teams. Ford’s been a big part of rally racing as well. Since 1973 ford has seen great success in rally events all over the world. Most recently Ford has sponsored Ken Block and his Gymkhana events that are growing in popularity across the US.

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