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The fender on your car is very prone to damage. Whether its minor parking lot dings, slow speed fender benders or just pulling out of your garage, your fender can easily get damaged. The fender is a highly engineered part of your car both astatically and air dynamically. A banged up fender can be the difference between loving the exterior of your car and hating it. Buying a used fender can get you on the road faster. If you get lucky enough to find one that matches your car you may be able to save yourself a bill from the body shop. When buying a used fender you should always plan to paint it in case the color doesn’t match your car. Cars fade differently so just bolting a used fender on may not look good.

We try to describe all of our body parts the best we can before we sell them. For the best description of the body part your buying it’s best to contact us first. You can call us at 800-973-5506, use the live chat on our website or shoot us an email. We part out thousands of late model cars every year which means we have a very large selection of quality used fenders in stock along with a full inventory of other used body parts. Search our online parts store for great deals and huge savings on OEM parts.

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