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Eagle was founded in 1988 and had a short run of just 10 years in the auto industry. Popular Eagle models include the Summit wagon, Eagle Wagon, Premier, and the most popular Eagle Talon. The eagle brand lacked a niche and had a hard time finding its place among other Chrysler brands. Combined with a lack of marketing effort, Eagle never really found its place in the auto industry. Chrysler discontinued the brand in 1998 after lack of success. The Talon was probably the best car to wear the Eagle name plate and was produced as a Joint venture with Mitsubishi Motors. This venture is known as DSM and the DSM abbreviation is still commonly used by enthusiasts. Eagle, Plymouth, and Mitsubishi sold a version of the car between 1989 and 1999.

As with many other discontinued brands, it can be extremely hard to find Eagle parts. Keeping one of these cars on the road can be a challenge when the parts aren’t made and the company doesn’t exist anymore. Here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts, we carry a large selection of quality used eagle parts. When you need that hard to find used part, Tom’s is your place to shop. We offer a standard 6 Month Money Back Guarantee on everything we sell so buy with confidence. We’ve got you covered!

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