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Every car out there has a front door on it. We all use it every day to get into our car. We often don’t really think much about what the door is or what actually makes up a door assembly. It seems like going to a dealer and asking for a door would be pretty straight forward but actually it’s not. A new door comes as a shell. All other parts of the door must be bought separately. This means molding, window, regulator, door trim, window trim, door handles, hinges, lock actuators, etc. are all sold separately at the dealership. This greatly increases the cost of a replacement front door by a tremendous amount.

When you buy a used door assembly, you’ll get all of these items included. Used doors include the regulator, motor and glass along with door handles and even the hinges depending on the door. This makes buying used a complete no brainer. You’ll save hundreds if not thousands over piecing together a brand new door assembly. We have over 2000 doors in stock and ready to go. Check out our online parts store for a large selection of late model car doors. Have questions on the condition of a door? Contact us before buying, we’re here to help!

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