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CV Axles

The CV Axle shaft is a vital part of your drive train. It connects your transmission or differential to the drive wheels of your vehicle. Front wheel drive CV Axles can get damaged often due to wear and tear or from the elements. At each end of the CV Axle assembly is a joint that’s covered with a rubber boot. The most common cause for Axle failure is when that rubber boot rips. The rubber boot keeps dirt and debris out of the CV joint; when this boot rips dirt can get in the joint and eventually destroy the joint.

Checking your CV axles during routine maintenance is a great idea. In some cases a torn boot can be replaced before it does any serious damage to the CV joint. If you drive a front wheel drive car and start to notice some clicking when you turn the wheel then there’s a good chance you’ll need to replace the CV Axle. We carry a large amount of Used Replacement CV Axles as severely discounted prices. Buying used can be a great was to save money on your next CV Axle replacement.

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