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Coolant Reservoir

Every car with an engine today needs a cooling system of some sort. Liquid cooled engines have been around for over 100 years. In a liquid cooled system, the engine is cooled by a liquid that is run through a radiator at the front of the car. The coolant reservoir on the system contains a good amount of the coolant that’s in your car. Coolant reservoirs can be cracked pretty easily. Since it’s usually mounted in the front of the car, even mild collisions can damage the coolant reservoir.

A leaking reservoir can lead to an unhappy cooling system. Losing pressure in the coolant system will inevitably lead to your car over heating which can do serious damage to your engine. It’s important to replace a leaky coolant reservoir as soon as possible. We have a large selection of Used OEM Coolant Reservoirs. We part out thousands of late model cars every year. Buying a Used Coolant Reservoir will save you hundreds over dealer cost.

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