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Cars have been using computers to control the engine for many years now. As technology in the Auto Industry progresses, more and more computers are being used to control different systems in the car. There’s a computer for almost everything now a days. ABS Computers, Air Bag Modules, Seat Computers, Traction Control Computers, there’s even a computer to control headlight movement in some cars. Finding the correct computer with in the car can be difficult. The computers can be located just about anywhere and many aren’t clearly marked.

Finding the correct Automotive Computer for your car is no easy task. With so many different computers in a modern day car, it can be very difficult to buy the correct one. It’s important to find the OEM Part numbers on the computer you’re trying to replace. This can save you a ton of time when searching for a replacement module. Buying a new computer at the dealer will cost you an arm and a leg. Tom’s Foreign can save you hundred, sometimes thousands on an OEM computer for your car. We’re the internet’s largest seller of Automotive Computers, Modules and ECU’s. When you need a computer for your late model foreign car, Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts is the place to shop!

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