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Computer - ECU

The ECU or Engine Control Unit of your car is the brain of your engine. The ECU controls all sorts of different functions in a modern day vehicle. Its main priority is to control how your engine runs. The ECU is a computer that’s able to control the engines timing and fuel maps based on what different sensors are doing. The computer knows the temperature of the engine, fuel pressure, air temp, exhaust reading from the o2 sensor and more. The ECU can be referred to by a few different names which include ECU, ECM, Engine Computer, Brain Box, and Engine Control Unit.

Every single automotive ECU has part numbers written on it. It’s extremely important to know what these part numbers are when you get ready to order. For any given production year the OEM may use over 10 different computers making it next to impossible to match up a replacement without the part numbers. A new ECU can run you thousands of dollars from the dealership and usually comes with no Guarantee. We sell quality Used OEM Computers at a huge savings. Every one of our Used ECUs comes with a 6 Month Money Back Guarantee so you know you’ll be covered if there’s a problem.

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