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Column Switch

Cars use various Column switches to control different functions. The most common column switches are the signal switch and wiper switch. When something stops working, one of the first places to start looking is at the switch that controls it. Most column switches are pretty easy to unscrew from the side of the steering column. Some cars required a lot of work to get the switches off. They can used large assemblies that contained multiple switch all attached together. The cruise control switch, light switch and washer switch can all be found mounted to your steering column.

When something electrical stops working, the first thing to check is the fuse for it. The next thing is usually the next easiest thing which can often be the electrical switch for it. Here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts we stock a large selection of Used Column switches. If you need a replacement wiper switch, headlight switch, turn signal switch, or cruise control switch you’ve come to the correct place. Column Switches can cost a fortune at the dealer; buying a Quality Used replacement part can save you hundreds.

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