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The Brake caliper of your car is the heart of your brake system. If a caliper fails on your car it can be catastrophic. Most recently made vehicles today use a 4 wheel disc system that uses a brake caliper and rotor at each wheel. The Caliper has pistons in side of it that move out to push the brake pads against the brake rotor. It’s common for calipers to leak, stick or fail to function at all. This can cause serious issues in your braking system. When changing brake pads on your car it’s very important to check the entire brake system for leaks including the calipers. Also check that the caliper is moving properly before installing new pads.

As essential as a brake caliper is to your vehicles brake system, it is often over looked. When you need a new brake caliper it can be very expensive. New and aftermarket parts often carry expensive core charges. We sell Used Calipers at a fraction of the cost with 0 core charges. Buying used is the cost savings alternative when you need a replacement brake caliper. Check out our online store for a wide selection of Quality Recycled Auto Parts. If you can’t find it on our site, give us a call and we’ll use our parts locating service to fine it for you!

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