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Brake Booster

We sometimes take our power brake system for granted. We often forget that not too long ago, power brakes didn’t even exist and drivers had to use some serious force to stop their cars. The power brake booster allows us to breathe a little easier when we’re driving down the road by giving us a more manageable brake pedal. The brake booster uses vacuum from the engine to amplify the amount of pressure it receives when you step on the brake pedal. So a small amount of pressure on the brake pedal is turned into much greater pressure by the brake booster. A check valve inside the brake booster allows the booster to build up and store enough vacuum to stop the car a few times just in case the engine stalls or something fails. A leaking or malfunctioning power brake booster can have a serious impact to pedal feel while you’re driving. Your brake system should be checked and repaired as soon as you notice something different about it. For the sake of you, your family and those around you, the brake system in your car needs to function 100% at all times. We offer quality used power brake boosters at a great savings over new dealer cost. Get an OEM part without any hassle; shop Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts today!

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