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318i Parts

Used OEM BMW 318i Parts

The BMW 318i was the affordable BMW sedan that just about anyone could afford. It was an entry into the European luxury market offering a 1.8L 4 cyl engine and classic BMW styling. The E30 and E36 models of the 318i sold very well in the US and still today inspire BMW enthusiasts. All though the 318i was never intended to be a performer with the smaller 1.8L engine, it shared the same sporty suspension and handling characteristics of the more powerful 3 series models. The BMW 3 series cars are known for being fun cars to drive and can often be seen modified for entry level auto cross events. The 318i makes a perfect platform for an enthusiast on a budget because it’s affordable and has enough aftermarket support turn it into a racer.

Finding genuine OEM 318i parts can be a challenge as their no longer made. Many parts have gone out of production making finding just the right 318i part a challenge. With high priced European luxury comes large repair bills and expensive auto parts. Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts stocks a large selection of Used BMW parts that fit a wide range of 3 series models including the 318i. When you need a part for your 318i make sure you replace it with an OEM BMW part from us. We offer an industry leading standard guarantee as well as much longer extended guarantees. Don’t settle for less when buying your BMW 318i parts. Select your 318i year above to get started!

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