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135i Parts

The 135i comes in both a coupe and convertible and is a slightly upgraded version of the 128i. The biggest difference in the 135i is its turbocharged 300hp inline 6cyl engine. With the added power over the naturally aspirated variant, BMW was still able to match the same 28mpg fuel rating in the turbo 135i. The BMW 135i gets all 300 ponies to the ground through a quick shifting 7 speed automatic or a standard 6 speed manual transmission. Keeping the driver in check is BMW’s own dynamic traction control (DTC) that helps prevent traction loss when you’re pushing the 135i to its limits. Just like much of BMW’s line up, the 135i includes navigation and the BMW iDrive system that offers an optional full smart phone control. This allows drivers to use Facebook, text, and make phone calls right through the large iDrive screen.

The 135i offers BMW refinement that is second to none. This rear wheel drive, turbo, sporty little car makes owning a BMW fun and available for just about anyone. We all know that the biggest drawback to owning a European car is the maintenance fees when it breaks down. The 135i is a new model which means OEM replacement parts are still going to cost you an arm and a leg from the BMW dealership. Here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts we part out hundreds of BMW’s each year and sell the used parts online. Many parts from other BMW models interchange with the 135i giving us a wide selection of used mechanical parts. Select your BMW 135i year above to get started shopping, you’ll save money every time you shop with Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts!

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