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V8 Parts

The Audi V8 was a big step for Audi. It was their flag ship model that combined a big European V8 engine with their Quattro All Wheel drive system and an Automatic transmission. This big body sedan was produced from 1988 – 1993 until it was renamed the Audi A8. The Audi V8 model was really their ticket in to competing directly with Mercedes and BMW on a big scale. This car combined everything Audi has learned over the years to make a go at the big guns. In its day, the Audi V8 was a great car. The V8 was Spacious and luxurious with plenty of power to spare. The V8 was an expensive car in its day and only produced for a few years making it very hard to get parts.

When your V8 is down and needs repair, shop Tom’s for great deals on hard to find used OEM Audi parts! Buying a recycled OEM Used part can save you a lot of money over dealer cost. We sell Audi V8 parts like the oil pan, ABS pump, ECU computer, and air bags. The Audi V8 was and still is a driver’s car and keeping it in pristine condition with OEM parts can keep it on the road even longer in these hard economic times. Select your year above to start shopping and save big time the next time you need to fix your Audi V8.

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